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Online Golf Games

Here is a selection of Golf Games. What better way to test your swing on a game first?

1. Wonderputt
The visuals of this game are wonderful and childlike. Since the start of this game, a lot of interactive messages and options display to ease out approaching the rules of the game. Initially, you will see the meteorites creating the craters and the hole, the alien ship abducting cows, ski slopes, torpedoes, and many more adventure stuff. The gameplay is overall very simplistic with very unique levels. However, the problem most of the gamers face is that there is no zooming into the golf arena. There will be just a large chunk of something like dreamland and as you pass the levels they show cool animations. Looking for more games similar to Wonderputt? Check out the list available at and you might find your heaven!

2. World golf tour
It is one of the top games to play Golf having more vivid graphics. You will initially get to choose your golf club. Interactive motion helps you to adjust your power level before hitting the golf ball. If you find a hard time adjusting to the arena or the first time into golf, you have a practice session as well with a guided gameplay. Another cool thing about this game is you will get a real game lesson like the accuracy gauge. You will learn to position your shot and hit at a right spot. Another amazing thing is, there is a meter level to know the distance between you and the flag stand which helps to analyze the shots. There are already 10 million registered players and you can join them too in the multiplayer tournaments at any level which is extremely fun.

3. 100ft robot golf
The giant robots playing golf sets the tone for the whole game. It executes well with the jokes derived from a parody of an anime. The gameplay itself becomes funny reducing the dullness of playing repetitive levels. There is a well built and hi-tech golf arena displaying the places very different from earth. As you advance in the game, you feel that your shots are improved based on the skill levels helping you to earn more score. When it comes to the robot selection, you will have a bunch of options to choose from like the one from transformers or something as weird as a giant skeleton. Different robots have different abilities like rockets, lasers, balls that can bounce further, but each of them also controls differently when it comes to making your shot.

4. Party golf
This game has a lot of glitches and unfinished levels that receive a lot of criticism. But overall the gameplay is incredibly fun that the criticism doesn’t matter at all. This game is best played with your friends in the multiplayer mode. All the players need to take a shot at the same time in order to be the first player to get the ball in the hole. The game advances pretty fast with lots of blinking colors. While playing, you can use the mouse, but that’s not a good option. Rather you can use controllers or remotes. Some of the issues are that, at a times, a level just boils down to fleeing yourself as close to the flag post as possible while the clock runs down. Obviously, the single player game sucks and don’t play this by yourself because it is not designed for that. Some slot machines are really good too if you want to try your luck and keep a sport-themed game. The games we’ve selected are among the best, but you will certainly find other great games if you check such as Cricket game.

5. Infinite Minigolf
Infinite Minigolf is one of the top games to play Golf. It’s quite a different golf game where you try to hit the ball into a hole guarded by peculiar cartoon creatures. Infinite minigolf impresses you with its charming and adorable presentation at every single turn. You can choose customizable avatars that resemble human beings. The golf courses are filled with a splash of colors, sparkles and a lot of decors that makes your game session alive. There are three main themes of the golf set. A giant home theme, the Halloween theme set, and a Christmas theme set. These all themes feel unique in their own ways. The background music is always charming and whimsical.

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Top Best Golfers of All Time 0

Top Best Golfers of All Time

A lot of debate and discussion stirs up whenever golf players and fans ask, “Who are Top Best Golfers of All Time.” This subject always bring conversations. But putting the success of Phil Mickelson and Jason Dufner aside for one minute, the actual baseline figures show the performance of US players, in the top events, has never been worse. Even including those wins, looking at the last 20 majors, since the start of 2009, you’ll see that American players have lifted the trophy on just 8 occasions. So there’s a question to ask… is the game in decline in the States?

Unable to produce major winners in the numbers it once did. Losing Ryder Cups, more often than not, and finding players from other countries and continents out-numbering them on the Official World Golf Rankings. “Golf is no different from any other sport.” he told me. “Results have a habit of going in cycles. The current golf stats say the Americans are having a tough time of it… but take a look at some of the young talent they’ve got coming through.” “And don’t forget, there might be 300m Americans… but there’s a whole lot more people (and golfers) elsewhere!” Fair point. And with that the golf tipster, the guy I call the ‘King Of Golf Betting’, countered the suggestion by reeling off the names of half a dozen young, highly-gifted, American golfers…

Top Best Golfers of All Time

Jordan Spieth.
This 20-year-old from Dallas, Texas can sure play and after his debut win (John Deere Classic) and a host of eye-catching efforts he’s noted as a real future star. “Has the potential to be a world No.1, no question” were Keith’s exact words.

Bud Cauley.
This guy has been in Keith’s notebook for a while… although he’s yet to put it all together and win on the PGA Tour. Cauley enjoyed a much better 2017 than 2018, but don’t write off this 5’7” battler.

Brooks Koepka.
Hailing from Florida, 23-year-old Koepka is trying his luck on the European Tour before switching back to the States further down the line. Has already won on the Challenger Tour. This player has a big future.

Peter Uihlein.
The 24-year-old from Massachusetts has already managed to win on the European circuit (Madeira Island Open) and post several other high finishes. No doubt, like Koepka, he’ll head back home to the PGA Tour before too much longer.

Tiger Woods.
Posted top 20’s in his first main tour events in 2017 and his best result in 2018 was at the Honda Classic (T3rd). On a slow burn the man from Illinois but “another one to keep a close eye on” says the golf expert. Tiger is also well known for being a gambling expert. You can also become one by checking and practice your swing on the slot machines!

Patrick Cantlay.
This 21-year-old could be anything. The kid from California has won on the Tour and may, one day, transfer that form onto the big stage. He’s another, Keith tells me, who has all the elements of potentially top-class performer.

Each player is perfectly capable of posting a big win in the future, and turning round those rather depressing stats for golfers in the majors in recent years. Looking at the figures, it’s easy to argue that despite some recent success golf, and golfers, aren’t winning their fair share at the highest level.…


How To Practice Your Gold Swing In The Rain

Anyone who has ever played golf in the rain will tell you the rain brings its own set of challenges that you have to navigate. The golf course is much different and the temperature goes down. Just these two factors are enough to significantly affect your game.
Here are some tips to help you when playing golf in the rain:

1.Keep your body warm
As the cold sets in, the first thing you need to do is to make sure your body stays as warm as possible. That means that layering is absolutely important. A rain jacket or a windbreaker can go a long way towards keeping you warm. You might also want to put on a beanie instead of the normal ball cap.

2.Stay organized
Ensure that you have everything you need and know where each item is located. By being well-organized, you will avoid wasting too much time looking for things in your bag when it starts to rain. Fumbling around for stuff affects your concentration and kills your rhythm.

3.Teeing off
When teeing off, open your umbrella plan to keep it open for the entire round unless it stops raining. You may also want to hang some extra towels and gloves on the umbrella’s ribs as these will help you keep your hands dry.

4.Protect your ball
You can protect your ball by keeping it in your pocket at every opportunity. If there is a hand-warmer in your pocket, don’t keep the ball there as that is against the rules. When the ball is on the green, shelter it with an umbrella to minimize the amount of water falling on it
as you are about to putt.

Online casinos are a great option
Of course not everyone is keen on playing golf in the rain. If you are one of those people who are not prepared to get wet, then playing online casinos would be a good option for you. One of the reasons why online casinos are very popular is the fact that one can play from
the comfort of his or her own home. If you choose to play online casinos, you should visit to get an overview of online casinos and their rules.

Here are some things that you may want to look out for:

1.Secure transactions
You must always exercise caution when choosing online casinos. Make sure the transactions are secure while also checking to see the accreditation icons displayed on the website. These will give you an idea of independent audits and fair gaming.

2.Read the rules
Having a clear understanding of the rules helps you understand what you are getting into. Online casino rules vary from land-based versions. The rules also differ between different online casinos.

3.Know how much you want to spend
By having a specific amount that you are willing to play with, you will have set the maximum amount that you are prepared to lose in case luck is not on your side. It’s all about knowing when it’s time to stop.

4.Take time to fully learn one game first
If you keep jumping from one game to the next, you will end up not developing your knowledge of any game. It’s always good to specialize in one game or a maximum of two and focus on developing your skills first before trying another.

Whether you are playing golf or online casinos, it pays to take note of your mistakes and learn from them. This is the only way to improve your skills. As far as online casinos are concerned, their win ratio is superior compared to land based casinos which is why they have become the first choice for many players. For more info, check  and their games section, it might be helpful specially if you are a beginner.…


How To Improve Your Golf Game

Playing golf is a great way to get out and exercise and compete. The sport is one of the most widely played recreational activities around the globe. The game is somewhat difficult and recreational golfers, as well as those who play professionally, are always looking for ways to improve their golf game. Getting better at golf usually revolves around improving one’s swing and then focusing on the different aspects of the game – driving, putting, and chipping. Don’t just assume your game will get better, it’s not like a bet on Roulette. You need to work hard to get your game to the next level.

Improving on your tee shots or drives comes from understanding the mechanics behind how you can get more power behind the ball. One of the most basic things you can do to improve driving distance is to anchor your foot and body behind the ball. Keeping that foot behind the ball anchored, and not lifting it prematurely, is key in adding distance to your drive. With your foot anchored behind the ball and keeping your back arm close to your hip, you will drive the arms and club through the ball. Relax as you swing and let the club do the work.

Working on putting and chipping are also necessary if one wants to improve. A very simple step that everyone should follow on all shots is to visualize. Visualize the shot before making it. When putting, you need to line up and aim your shot. Always aim high. Aiming low is a common problem that many players make. Again, relax when making the shot and let the club do the work. Improving your driving, putting, and chipping will energise your golf game.

There are many resources out there where you can find more information about improving your golf technique. Coach Farm is a good place to start, as it’s not just about golf but about other sports too.…


How Does An Online Tutorial Improve Your Golf Game?

The big question is this. How in the world can something that is done online help you to improve your golf game? You may find a few online casino games that are a lot of fun to play (and some may even offer you a chance to win some money!) But, in terms of instructional play, where you learn something to improve your golf game, there are other things to look for.

For example, you do want to consider how the tutorial is set up. Some are eBooks which just provide you with written information. These are basic. Others are videos and step-by-step instructional programs which can show you exactly what you need to do to see improvement in your game play (a good example is the tutorial added to their site last week, it shows you how to play online poker and become an expert). Most people will see the most benefit from that type of game instruction since it gives you hands on information on how to play, and win at golf.

If however you are interested in online casinos, we certainly can give you some advice. Most online casinos actually offer you free money to get started with, which usually come in for of an online casino bonus. In order to find the best one for you, you should read up on as many casino reviews as you can find online, and we’re sure you will be able to find your personal vip casino! If you are a fan of slots, sure is a good place to go to find out more, though the German is a great source, too, if you speak German of course. Microgaming slots are extremely popular at the moment! Otherwise you could check if you are based in Canada and enjoy the nest slot games out there. So let’s go out there and make some money online, shall we?…


Online Golf Tips

Are you looking for a few tips to improve your golf game on the green? You can find a wide range of tips to help you play, no matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player. Here are a few of them to keep in mind.

Did you know that your entire game can be improved by toning up? If you strengthen the muscles in your back, torso and in your arms, specifically, you will have more control over your golf swing. Of course, you can also hit harder and play longer as well. Use weight training to strengthen up your muscles in this region.
Speaking of golf swings, this is one of the most common areas of the golf game that people struggle with. You know which club to use and you know how to stand. Do you know how to lock your wrists in place and how to follow through? It is usually a problem with the golf swing if you are not playing well. A few good online tutorials can help you to improve your golf swing. enlignecasinoavis has a pretty great article on how improve your golf skills, check it out should you want to become the next Tiger Wood! Use them but watch the intricate details of how pros play so that you can improve your swing.…


Is That Golf Tutorial Any Good?

For those looking to improve their game of golf, there are a number of golf tutorials available online. The problem is, there are usually a good number of options to select from. It can get overwhelming quickly to know which ones are the best ones to invest in. If you are unsure of which game to select, there are a couple of things to look for, might be worth checking for more details.

One of the first things to consider is who is writing the information. Are they pros? What makes them qualified to provide you with this information? If you cannot tell, pass on that golf tutorial. Another thing to look for is guides and online golf instruction that promises too much. If it sounds too good to be true, in most cases it is! On the positive side, there are many top quality guides you can invest in and really learn from. In case you don’t have available the cash for getting one or two you could always visit sites like Payday Loans Approve. It’s quite easy and fast money so you don’t have to worry about checking your accounts balance. If you do get a guide that does not provide what you are hoping for, do not discount the rest of the products readily available.…


Playing Golf Online

Did you know that your favorite game for a lazy Sunday can be played online? Online golf is one of the biggest hits because it allows individuals to play the game they love right from home, anytime they want, even when the weather is horrible outside. There is even better news. Some of the online casinos such as Zodiac Casino and Luxury Casino Mobile offer golf games! You can play golf from your iPhone and win money.

It is important to note that there are differences in the game play of online golf and standard play. Most people will find that online golf is a lot of fun but it will not do anything to improve your game. Still, there are some ways to get a better game on the greens while you are playing online; you could check for more details and moe tutorials. Instructional videos and other golf resources can really help you to play well. You can find many of these tutorials available online to enjoy. Go ahead and play golf online even when you cannot go outside.…